thick blood

  • Blood viscosity is a measure of the resistance of blood to flow, which is being deformed by either shear stress or extensional stress.

thick blood causes

thick blood causes – Sacred Hair

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WARNING!!! I have some gruesome pictures following this one. Click if you dare.

WARNING!!!  I have some gruesome pictures following this one.  Click if you dare.
I would like a pit bull owner to defend the breed.

My dog, Jet, was attacked by one pit bull when my wife and I were giving him his evening walk. We passed by a home that has two pit bulls and they were out in the backyard left unattended. The backyard has a chain-link fence, but that wasn’t enough to stop the dogs from pushing their way through it. The smaller of the two ran across the road and latched onto my dog’s throat. Now my dog is no light weight and he puts up a good front of how tough he is, but this dog got the upper paw and didn’t want to play around.

I ended up kicking the pit bull on it’s side, which broke it’s grip on Jet’s neck. The pit bull then latched onto the top of Jet’s head and wouldn’t let go. Then comes the 2nd pit bull, which is 6 inches taller and thicker than the female pit bull that has a hold of Jet. I step in between the two dogs fighting and the on coming pit bull, which stops it in its tracks.

My wife ran up to the pit bull owners house banging on the front door. One of the house owners came out into the backyard and was trying to call off the dogs. The smaller pit bull finally let go of Jet and walked back to the owner. The bigger pit bull ran to the owner.

My wife heard someone calling the dogs so she gave up trying to knock on the front door and walked quickly across the street. Guess what the smaller pit bull did next? The pit bull began walking quickly to go after my wife. Elena froze in the middle of the street and the pit bull kept on walking towards her. The owner called the dog’s name, which caused the dog to stop and then come to the dog owner.

We looked over Jet on the side of the road, while the pit bull owner got the dogs into the house. No apology or anything was given to us. Just lovely. We see a cut on his head and figured he was OK, since Jet wasn’t acting like he was in pain. We called animal control, no answer, since they aren’t open on Sundays. We called the police and filed a report. The pit bull had it’s shots, so I figured we were in the clear. I put iodine on the two cuts we found on Jet and called it a night.

The next day, the bridge of Jet’s nose is swollen distorting his face (the picture above). Elena gave him some Advil, and the swelling went down some.

Thursday morning, his eye is swollen, the cut on his head is bumped up, and he isn’t acting like himself. Elena takes him to the vet and they have to shave part of his head. Those pictures follow below.

The cut on the top of his head turns out to be a big puncture that keeps bleeding blood and puss. And of course he wants to scratch his head to help make it worse. You can see more bite marks since he is shaved. Jet is on antibiotics and we can’t cover any of the wounds.

So now I’m mad as hell after all of this. Jet and my previous dog, Fatso, have been in fights in the past, but nothing like this kind of damage has been done before.

blood trees

blood trees
you said that i was
cause i think dead bodies are
they make the grass grow
they let the flowers thrive
they grab the trees by their roots
and shake them with all their might
their teeth decay
and fall down their airway
They grow old men’s gardens
(who have dirty secrets of their own)
They lay beneath filthy little boy’s lemonade stand
(square jaw; long honey hair
common for a horror film)
Their nails may be gone
but their bloods more pungent than (water)
(a secret ingredient for the burgundy tree’s leaves)

thick blood causes

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